“Jayne, thank you so much for being so patient during our sessions, I was so encouraged by your calm and knowledgeable approach. Exploring the art of yoga with you is a pleasure, and I can’t wait for our next class. Namaste!”

Cassia S - Dec 2018

“Thank you so much for our yoga session yesterday I so, so enjoyed it. I found it so positive and for the first time I really ‘got it’. You made it so easy to understand the reasoning behind each move, I feel it has sunk in and can not wait to do some more this morning by myself! When I have attempted yoga before I have felt rushed and not capable, but I feel so happy you took the time to get to know me so it felt like a ‘tailor made’ session and I feel so encouraged. You are a brilliant teacher and are going to do amazing things!! Thank you for being you - you are a true inspiration and so happy to have found you!”"

Sam C - 2018

“Thank you for my amazing yoga class…you were so professional and I enjoyed it very much…I feel like I have really achieved something and feeling so good and proud of myself!”

Samantha S - 2018