About me….

I offer restorative Hatha Style Yoga and stronger Vinyasa style power workouts which can be adapted for beginners. I also offer Wellbeing Coaching in Hampshire and beyond ( via Skype) for a truly holistic approach to Wellbeing.

I am an ICF Registered & Qualified Personal & Executive Coach, Yoga Alliance Member, trained Therapeutic Massage therapist and Colour Me Beautiful Style & Image Consultant. I have studied Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition extensively and have had a life long interest in Health and Wellbeing. I am currently completing an Msc in Personalised Nutrition.

I look forward to sharing my experience with you and being part of your personal journey towards wellbeing and happiness!

My Personal Yoga Journey….

My yoga journey started over 20 years ago. I had always been very fit and flexible - horse riding, gymnastics, trampolining, badminton, swimming and speed skating in my teens and then obsessive step aerobics and gym bunny in my 20’s. The yoga classes I attended were functional and they felt rushed and competitive. I saw fitness as a series of goals but my idea of perfection was never being achieved. I was driven in both my career and my health to the point of obsession.

At 28, I went through an unexpected divorce and my world changed. My career became even more important and I worked myself harder and harder, often to exhaustion point. I suffered headaches, neck pain and dizziness so decided to find out what was going on with my body by training to be a massage therapist and studying Nutrition. I remarried and had an instant family with 3 young stepsons. I had my first baby at 34 and diligently attended prenatal yoga, read avidly about natural childbirth and planned the perfect birth experience. I ended up being induced and after 36 hours of painful labour underwent an emergency c-section. My little boy was incredibly unwell at birth and was in and out of intensive care until he was 3 when and looking after myself was not a priority and I was diagnosed with a form of PTSD. I needed to get my confidence back so with the help of a personal trainer I slowly I built my fitness up with running, swimming and walking. I went on to have 2 more gorgeous healthy boys at 38 & 39 again by c-section but this time I knew I could get my abdominal strength back with a careful program of 1-2-1 training.

I went on to set up an e-commerce business which grew beyond control and I slipped back into my obsessive work ethic. The business became more and more stressful and I was working longer and longer hours. After 12 years of doing too much my body and mind started to be affected despite a good diet and regular exercise. Peri-menopausal hormone changes also started to make an appearance leaving me with anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, weight gain, dry skin and insomnia. I was admitted to A&E twice in 12 months with an abnormally high heart rate and dizziness. Enough was enough and something had to change…

I took the difficult decision to exit the business and retrained as a personal & executive coach specialising in stress and resilience. I re-discovered yoga with gentle restorative 1-2-1 sessions of Hatha Yoga. I discovered due to an imbalance in my exercise routine my quads were tight and because of years of tension and stress the flexibility had gone in my spine, neck and shoulders. The transformation I saw in my health from my yoga practice both mental and physical was incredible. The anxiety lifted, my energy increased, flexibility and restful sleep restored. My peri-menopausal symptoms had disappeared. This culminated in me training as a Yoga Teacher and now at 50 years of age I have more energy than I had in my 20’s and I feel fulfilled every day sharing my yoga and my wellbeing coaching with my clients and organisations.