Yoga practiced with adjustments can be incredibly restorative. I can work with you to design a program for your specific concern. Nearly all poses can be adapted to work around physical limitations using props such as blankets, blocks and bolsters. We can use walls and chairs to support balance and help you get your confidence back whilst you build up your strength.

These are a small selection of specific concerns that can be helped with Yoga (with written consent from your GP or Medical Specialist) :

  • Yoga can help prevent and improve the symptoms of osteoporosis.

  • Yoga after a c-section and abdominal surgery needs specific adjustments but can really aid recovery, build confidence and prevent postural and back issues later.

  • Menopausal and hormonal symptoms can be eased with a tailored program of yoga and wellbeing coaching.

  • Back problems can be eased by using yoga to gently increase your core strength to support your vertebrae.

  • Sports injuries can be helped by increasing flexibility and building up strength in the muscles supporting the injured area.

  • Stress & Anxiety can be reduced and managed with the correct calming yoga exercises - the wrong postures can over stimulate and leave you feeling more anxious.

  • Yoga can aid rehabilitation and increase confidence after a serious illness or accident (with permission from you GP or Medical Specialist)

Contact me to discuss your requirements.